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Course :  Bioseparation engineering (국문: 생명분리공학)


Course number :  CBE 462


Credit : 3


Prof. : Hyun Gyu Park (Room #: 5101, tel: 350-3932, Lab.: 350-3972, e-mail:


Lecture : Monday & Wednesday 13:00 - 14:30 pm


Lecture room # : 2122 (W1-3)

TA : Shinyoung Kang (강신영, 042-350-3972, 010-9237-5758,

Course discription : This course deals with principles and applications of key techniques of bioseparation engineering. The scope of this course includes cell lysis and flocculation, filtration, sedimentation, extraction, liquid chromatography and adsorption, precipitation, and crystallization for the separation of various biomolecules. This course also covers recent topics in separation technologies. This course is designed to equip our Chem. & Biomol. Eng. students with key bioseparation technologies to solve various problems they may encounter in their further research and/or industrial practice.


Main Textbook : Bioseparations science and engineering, Harrison et al., Oxford Univ. Press (2003)

Auxiliary textbook :  Bioseparations Engineering, Michael R. Ladisch, Wiley-Interscience (2001)


Assessment : Midterm exam 40%, Final exam 40%, Quiz or HW10%, Attendance 10%, Attitude (penalty up to -20%)