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Ho Nam Chang and Hyun Gyu Park,
"Enzymatic and chemoenzymatic approaches to aromatic polyesters synthesis”,
1st Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Enzyme Technology, April. 13, Taejeon, Korea (1995)
Hyun Gyu Park and Ho Nam Chang
"Enzymatic polytransesterification of various aromatic esters with diols in anhydrous organic solvents” ,
Asia-Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conference ‘94, June 13-15, Singapore (1994)
Sang Yup Lee, Hyun Gyu Park, Ho Nam Chang and J. S. Dordick,
"Enzymatic synthesis of various aromatic polyesters in anhydrous organic solvents" ,
International Meeting on Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, June 4-11, Germany (1994)
Hyun Gyu Park, Jonathan S. Dordick, and Ho Nam Chang
"Enzymatic synthesis of various aromatic polyesters in anhydrous organic solvents" ,
6th Chungnam-Kyushu Symposium, September 6-7, KAIST, Taejeon, Korea (1993)
Moon Il Kim, Jungbae Kim, Jinwoo Lee, Taehwan Hyeon, Hyun Gyu Park and Ho Nam Chang,
“A Unique and Effective Stabilization of -chymotrypsin by Its Immobilization in Mesocellular Mesoporous silica” ,
Asia-Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conference, May 15, Lotte Hotel Jeju, Korea (2005)

Ki Soo Park, Chang Yeol Lee, and Hyun Gyu Park

"Highly sensitive optical assay to determine alkaline phosphatase activity based on the pyrophosphate-inhibited peroxidase activity of copper ions"

NANO KOREA 2014, Jul. 2-4, COEX, Seoul, Korea (2014)

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